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I am a Cologne-based singer songwriter

and work as vocal coach and choir leader (jazz/pop) 

Here you find more about my music, projects, vocal lessons and coachings.

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A remarkable artist!" 

JAZZTHING, Rolf Thomas

„Anna Maria Schuller shows courage and taste, while using the whole spectrum of vocal jazz.“ JAZZPODIUM Jörg Konrad 

„A vocal chameleon creating colors by inflection alone... Breathtaking!“


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MAI solo

MAI solo (voice and keys) is a solo-project that deals with the current topics of our time.

Stylistically the music is related to jazz-pop and influenced by singer-songwriter-music,

indie-pop and improvised music.

The program is dedicated to themes like climate crisis, racism, living together and communication. The originals offer different point of views and new perspectives. While Anna Maria Schuller returns with voice and piano to her musical beginnings, the selective use of effects and loopstation forms a bridge to something new – energetic and honest.

ANA MAI „Blossom“

Lyrical Indie Jazz

ANNA MARIA SCHULLER vocals, composition

STEFAN KARL SCHMID saxophone, clarinet





















Ana Mai and its debut album „Blossom“ create an atmospheric indie jazz between melancholy and a new start, which tells onomatopoeically from the peculiarities of life.

In her songs she portrays places, relations and emotions, which have a certain impression but don’t last forever. The album title “Blossom”, inspired by the Hermann Hesse poem “Stufen”, reflects this fact very well. Besides diverse musical influences the use of the voice plays an important role, too. The songs deal e.g. with new beginnings, desire, letting go and the topic time – a 3-part cycle on the basis of Michael Ende’s fairy tale “Momo”.

The band combines lyrical themes with lively instrumental jazz, and contrasts open sound collages with driving grooves. The music is profound and sensual. It touches the audience from the very first tune. All musicians narrate, improvise and have the freedom of individual expansion equally.

JAZZTHING „This album is grand“ Rolf Thomas (02/14)

STEREOPLAY CD tip 8/10 stars (02/14)

KULTURNEWS.DE CD tip 5/6 stars (12/13)

SWR 2 CD of the week

MELODIVA.DE CD tip (02/14)











Recorded 2012, released 2013 on Neuklang Records

Order via annamaria.schuller(at)gmx.de

Appearances a.o. Kölner Musiknacht, JazzTube-Festival Bonn, Jazzschmiede Düsseldorf, Jazzclub Lindau, Cave 61 e.V. Heilbronn, IG-Jazz Klappmuehl' Mannheim, Kulturverein KiCK Hersbruck, DB Museum Nürnberg, Studio 672 Köln, artheater Köln, Bürgerhaus Altensteig

TANZ & STIMME Duo „Raumsinn trifft Lichtzeit“

ROMY SCHWARZER contemporary dance, concept, performance

ANNA MARIA SCHULLER voice, composition, performance

2012 residence of the Michael Douglas Collective with performances at the Arkadas Theater Cologne and ,Quartiert am Hafen‘

2013 Tanzwoche Dresden



Amsterdam 2008-2010

ANNA MARIA SCHULLER vocals, composition, arrangement




„An eclectic bliss for the listener” HERSBRUCKER ZEITUNG, Anselm Stieber (05/10)

Appearances a.o. Jazzahead Bremen, Jazznachwuchsfestival St. Moritzbastei Leipzig, TUFA Trier, Bimhuis Amsterdam, Jazzclub Bamberg, DB Museum Nürnberg, Theater fiftyfifty Erlangen, Startbahn Jazz Straubing, Dizzy Rotterdam, St. Klarakirche Nürnberg, MUZ Nürnberg, bflat Berlin, Badcuyp Amsterdam, Loft Nürnberg






Grown up in Bavaria, close to Nueremberg, I started studying jazz singing at Hochschule für Musik Wuerzburg in 2004, continued later at Conservatorium van Amsterdam and graduated successfully in 2010. From 2007 till 2009 I was a member of the Bundesjazzorchester under direction of Bill Dobbins, Ed Partyka, Jiggs Wigham and Mike Herting. With the Anna Maria Schuller 4tet I toured through Germany and The Netherlands in 2009 and 2010.

Since ten years I live and work as a freelance musician in Cologne. There I founded the band Ana Mai and released my debut album “Blossom” on Neuklang Records in 2013. With dancer Romy Schwarzer I developed a program titled “Raumsinn trifft Lichtzeit“, which is focussed on the collaboration of contemporary dance, voice and performance and was shown a.o. at the Tanzwoche Dresden. From 2018 till 2020 I was the choir leader of Songrise Jazzchor Erftstadt, who received the title “Meisterchor” at the „Sing & Swing“-festival of the Chorverband NRW. Next to that I successfully studied Choral Conducting Jazz/Pop (Level B) at Bundesakademie Wolfenbüttel.

Since autumn 2021 I am teaching at Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Frankfurt.

At the moment I producing the first album of my new project MAI solo...


I work as a freelance vocal coach and choir leader and offer vocal lessons as well as coachings.


I have a bachelor and a diploma in jazz singing and graduated at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam and the Hochschule fuer Musik Wuerzburg. Not long ago I received a B-certificate in choir leading at the Bundesakademie Wolfenbuettel. I regularly educate myself in vocal technique (a.o. Complete Vocal Technique, Estill, Lax Vox), stage presence, vocal leadership, songwriting und arrangement.


For coaching requests and further questions please contact me via annamaria.schuller(at)gmx.de.



We all have an individual voice, which means the way of learning and teaching is individual, too.

Next to the skills of singing and making music, I support the needs, wishes and strength of every single student/client.



Lessons à 45min / 60min / 90min

In Cologne, on the way and online via Zoom

All levels

As preparation for entrance examinations, competitions and castings



Voice technique

Repertoire jazz/pop (various styles)

Articulation, interpretation, phrasing

Improvisation (scat singing, adlibs)

Performance and stage presence

Stage anxiety

Piano for song accompaniment

Songwriting, arranging

Music theorie, ear training, harmonics

Microphone technique, effects, loopstation

Creativity, motivation, profil formation


When we sing and learn together, we connect.

This is one of the reasons, why I enjoy working with groups a lot.


Choir and ensemble coachings à 60min / 90min / 120 min, for a day or weekend

Workshops and courses in small groups

Online via Zoom


Voice technique incl. breathing and body work

Repertoire jazz/pop (a capella and with accomaniment)

Articulation, pronunciation

Timbre, intonation, blending

Rhythm & Groove



Performance and stage presence

Stage anxiety

Improvisation incl. circle singing

Songwriting and Arranging in a group

Ear training, harmonics

Profil formation

Amongst others I worked for Internationaler Chor der Universität Bonn, Songrise Jazzchor Erftstadt, Akademie Off-Theater NRW, Jazzclub Trier Osterworkshop, various choirs (mixed, female, children – pop, jazz, gospel), vocal ensembles (quartet, quintet, nonet), social programs and gave group lessons, coachings and workshops.

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